The construction process of the islands started with the removal of marine mud in order to prevent unwanted settlements of the future residences that will embellish these islands. The removal of the mud is accomplished following the environmental guidelines provided in our specifications to minimize disturbance of the marine environment and turbidity of the water.

Once the mud is removed, a massive graded basalt rock wall starts to take the form of the perimeter of the islands. The construction of this wall will protect the islands from all sea conditions, allowing the containment of the fill material for the islands.

To better understand the magnitude of the sea wall is better to describe it. The outside layer facing the ocean has rocks weighing more than 300 kg. This stiff outside layer absorbs and dissipates the energy of the waves. At the same time, it protects the core of the wall made out of rocks weighing approximately 5 to 50 kg., designed to filter out excess water and provide interlocking stiffness. The inside part of the sea wall has a geotextile filter to prevent the fines from the inside fill, generally sand, from escaping into the ocean. Sand mines to be used in the construction of the islands will be extracted from areas located outside human settlement to minimize environmental impacts, but close to the ocean to facilitate transport. Transport of the seawall material will be installed by land and by barges with the rocks to be placed by the use of cranes aided by tractors and other heavy constructions equipment once the wall is out of the water.

Once the seawall is well advanced in defining the perimeter of the island, powerful Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers commence the amazing 3 Million plus of cubic meters of sand fill to build firm land in the middle of the ocean.

After the sea wall is completed and the internal sand fill has been vibrocompacted to specifications, the land has been successfully reclaimed and the infrastructure works start with the latest technological advances in communications, illumination, landscaping and surveillance to serve the future community. The infrastructure involves the building of the bridge of approximately 160 meters long that will be under construction simultaneously with the second island.

In the busiest point, several barges, towboats and other vessels will be working simultaneously on the site. More than 150 professionals will be focused on this amazing reclamation development 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year for approximately 18 months per island following the strictest security and environmental guidelines.

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Ocean Reef Islands