An ambitious development such as Ocean Reef Islands demands world class exceptional planning and engineering ingenuity. Numerous advisors were contracted to guarantee state of the art engineering. The most qualified professionals where retained to research and develop the Ocean Reef Islands embracing great attention to detail.

The islands design responds to the requirements of prestigious professional coastal engineering and environmental firms such as URS and Delft Hydraulics. These firms provided the guidelines for the location and forms of the islands in order to produce a rare combination of engineering and ecological beauty.

Delft Hydraulics, the most renowned institution for wave and ocean behavior modeling, studied and analyzed the conditions of waves, currents and environmental storms in the Pacific Ocean to provide the requirements for the most appropriate design of the islands considering safety, constructability and urban living aesthetics.

These wonderful islands in the heart of Panama’s Bay start to take form only after these rigorous studies are complete.

For more information, please check out the virtual tour that shows the islands creation process by clicking below.

Islands Creation Process

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